real life learning

learn directly from skilled people near you

how does it work?

Imagine you want to learn something. Whatever it may be, wouldn't it be ideal if you could find someone close to you that already knows what you want to learn, so that you could learn from them, directly? Our open marketplace makes this easy:


find someone who masters
what you want to learn


join his or her circle
by subscribing


attend and learn directly
from the master

our mission:

Helping you learn from the people around you by providing an
open marketplace for real life learning.

our vision

We want to live in a world where all learning is decentralized and customized to your individual needs.

At radius, you are in charge of your own development:
  • You pursue your own personal learning goals
  • You call on skilled people around you for guidance
  • You set your own budget to connect with others

Join or host a learning circle! It is a wonderful way to spend your free time, because learning new things is fun, exciting, and a great way to invest in yourself.

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